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What is the best way to get traffic on your Blog?

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Posted on: 08/18/18

As a blogger, it is kind of disheartening when you fail to get that traffic on your blog. After all, a blogger only flourishes only if he has a good base of readers. You do not want to jam your blog with unnecessary crowd, but you do want a blog, which has avid readers who keep coming back to you over and over again.

Why Do You Want More Traffic?

If you are just starting out on the blogging part, getting readers is a tough job. Having said that, even seasoned blogger find it tough at times to get those bloggers to their pages. However, the base question exists- why would you want more traffic anyway? Is it because it is about you? Not really!
Always Talk About Your Readers
People want that you talk about them more than you talk about yourself. You can use your own experiences but it is only if it supports a point. The more you focus on the people, the better is the connection which ensures that people stay hooked on to that page for a longer time.
But how do you get that traffic going?
Well, there are few ground rules which you can follow for a healthy traffic on your blog.
  1. Shorter posts: letís face it, no one wants to go through long posts which refuse to end. People are busy, want interesting content which is entertaining and short. If they wanted to read epic, they might probably just get a book or Kindle to serve the same purpose.
  2. Be funny: There is a reason that contents from the house of different houses get more attention. They have research that does a great job and a funny and clever team which puts together the entire piece for them. Humour is difficult to find. How about you integrate a lot of tolerant humour into your blog.
  3. Write regularly and always in second person: Make it about your readers. Write every day. It can be tough, but it is not impossible. Churning out great content each day every day is challenging, but given that your forte is your strength, you can always think of multiple ways to include it in your blog!
These are few tips to get traffic on your blog. Hope you like the post, do comment if you have any query regarding blog promotion.
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